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Carling Academy, Glasgow
20th December 2008
Support: Warrior Soul

Money (Everybody Loves Her)
Don't Say It's Over
The Feeling Within
Can't Get Any Lower
Money To Burn
Girls In Love
Taking On The World
Something To Believe In
I Will Be Waiting
Inside Out ~ So Lonely
Something Worthwhile (with Dante on vocals)
Word Up
Steal Your Fire
Shame On You
Welcome To The Real World
Seems Like I'm Losing You
Better Days (with Scott Shield on drums)


* Fight For Your Right was on the setlist for a second encore but wasn't played due to the curfew.  It was however the first song the band played at the aftershow party at Rockers...followed by Steal Your Fire, Better Days, Word Up, Don't Say It's Over and Shame On You.