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Murray's Bar, Scarborough (Warm-up gig)
17th July 2002

Another warm-up gig in Toby's hometown and again a lot of support for the local boy.  As with the previous tour, 'Breakdown' kicked off this show putting the band and audience straight into top gear and rarely slowing down.

After Breakdown a strangely familiar tune could be heard with the band playing an updated version of the Angels' classic 'Kickin' Up Dust' - Jimmy's keyboard parts being replaced by Nick's guitar.  Much as I love the Angels version I think this one could be even better but I guess we'll see in time.  The more familiar 'Some People Are More Equal Than Others' came next, followed by the slightly re-worked 'Young Gods' as played in March.

Another Ignorance track was next, 'Slipping Through Your Fingers', followed by a semi-new track 'Inside Out' - a popular song which was debuted on the March tour.

The sound and pace were stripped down slightly next when Toby got his acoustic guitar for 'Forgiveness' from the Refresh EP and audience favourite 'Don't Pray For Me', including a small mistake by Nick on one of his guitar parts.

After this brief respite EP title track 'Refresh Yourself' was next - I have to say that the live version of this track is great, much better than the EP recording (which isn't bad).   Toby managed to mess-up some of the words though!  Fortunately he recovered in time for another 'new' track - an electric version of 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' from Toby's first solo album.  On the album this is a mellow acoustic track but the band have brought it right up to date with scorching electric guitar leads.

This was immediately followed by the rocking 'All Roads Lead To You' from the Angels final album.  This tracks gives Nick and Roger a chance to mess around on stage (watch next time and you'll see what I mean).  After this song Toby announced that they were going to play a new song which they had been working on called 'Twisted Rhapsody'.  This was a lot slower than 'Inside Out' but not a bad track, just not great.

Picking the pace again was the potential killer 'Unwind'.  This track could outrun a cheetah downhill in the snow and sounds great played live (it's great on the album too but this needs recording capturing on a live album).  Not letting the audience catch their breath, the band launched into 'Radical Your Lover' resulting in a mini-mosh pit in the crowded Scarborough pub.

Still, we don't need breath apparently as 'Too Much Too Young' came next.  As pioneered on the March tour (by me the guinea pig with catastrophic results) Toby invited local man Andy up to sing the end section of the track.

A brief gap was intended for the band to have a minutes rest but Toby ignored this and went straight into the encores.  'Harder All The Time' was first, a bass and drum lead track from Toby's first solo album with a nice middle section where Toby said that we could now smoke our dope, unlike when he wrote it.  This was followed by show-closer 'The Way That I Live' another great rocking track.

What a great opening show it was and very promising for the rest of the tour.  Toby didn't break any strings (when questioned about this he said he had changed his technique!).  The set was pretty similar to March's but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Refresh Yourself
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
All Roads Lead To You
Twisted Rhapsody
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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