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Metropolis Lounge, Peterborough
21st July 2002

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these" - John Lennon

A pretty dull venue brightened by various members of the Toby fan club, seeing nightclubs during the day is never a pretty sight.  Unidentifiable damp patches, cigarette burns in all the seats but plently of drinks at least.

The soundcheck for the show went well, the band even played Under The Moon Of Love in a medley with Breakdown because they were relaxed and had plenty of time.  That probably should be been an omen.

At showtime 'Breakdown' kicked off as normal and everything seemed ok, but 'Kickin' Up Dust' started and Nick's guitar just could not be heard.  Nick and guitar tech Tim are frantically trying to fix things while the band carry on best they could (which was well under the circumstances).  By the guitar solo Nick still didn't have any guitar so he cancelled the whole thing and made the band start again (cue Toby: "That's alright mate, you've just completely f***ed my career!").

'Kickin' Up Dust' was duly started again with all four members this time but for the band the show didn't recover though the audience will disagree with you.

The rest of the show flew by, nothing really of note but a strong show nonetheless.  Long-time Toby-fan Sheryl got to sing on 'Too Much Too Young', but only after her young daughter refused.  Sheryl was actually hiding at this time as she though she might get picked.  Despite the fear she did a very good job.

The guitar problems continued throughout the show with Nick and Roger being affected the most.  Toby broken two strings and a plectrum before the night was over.

The band took a brief rest between 'Harder All The Time' and 'The Way That I Live' at the end of the show but there was little chance of 'Womankind' being played (a song that was on the setlist each night but never played).

At the end of the show, Roge was so frustrated with how the show went that at the end he kicked the dressing room door and nearly broke some toes.  The band were on a real low after the show and managed to talk us into going to the Bristol show the next day (i.e. "it's a great venue", "what's wrong with Bristol", "you should hear the sound" - we didn't take much persuading).

Kickin' Up Dust (false start)
Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Refresh Yourself
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
All Roads Lead To You
Twisted Rhapsody
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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