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The Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne
23rd July 2002

Another treat at today's soundcheck 'The Pain Will Pass' - a new track the band have been working on.  They also played 'Weight Of The World' again, as well as 'Sarah' and 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' for my girlfriend Sarah who somehow managed to fall asleep during one of the loudest soundchecks of the tour.

Tonight's show was another good one, the only real problem was the PA system was un-obliging at best, irritating at worst (some painful noises could be heard during the start of the show).

The set was the same as Bristol, with 'Twisted Rhapsody' now dropped for the remaining shows.

The band played a very slightly different arrangement of 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' tonight - basically the same but the end section was re-arranged to be slightly shorter.

Once again, the singer on 'Too Much Too Young' was very good - I think Toby must be getting better at picking now.

There is another review (with some photo's) of the show here

Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Refresh Yourself
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
All Roads Lead To You
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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