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Underworld, Camden, London
25th July 2002

A venue Toby has played before, the Angels played here as the 'Jammy Little Devils as a warm-up show for their Bon Jovi support slot.  In fact, I spotted someone wearing a t-shirt who had presumably been at that gig 9 years ago.

Matt and Roger played a bass and drum version of 'Breakdown' during the soundcheck - this would be releasable in it's own right and would surely enter the dance music charts highly.

Anyway, on to the show.  The audience were great tonight, they were really into the show and the music despite the dreadful first support band ironically called Blow (nothing to do with anyone named Dickinson).  By contrast the band seemed a little subdued for some reason, maybe the London air and/or traffic.

Whatever the band were feeling the still played well, Nick had slight guitar problems on 'Slipping Through Your Fingers' and there was a false start on 'Too Much Too Young' (Rock tip #1 - Always blame the drummer).

Still, tonight was the closest the band had come to playing 'Womankind' (a song on the set each night but never played) - the crowd would have loved it but sadly strict local laws meant the show had to end promptly.

Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Refresh Yourself
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
All Roads Lead To You
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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