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Rock City, Nottingham
27th July 2002

The home of the Mole (Toby's soundman).  The soundcheck was a long, technically affair as tonight's show was being recorded for a live album.  Despite this they played 'Twisted Rhapsody', 'The Pain Will Pass' as well as 'My Aim Is True' with Mole on drums.

The set remained the same as the previous few shows but the band were smokin' tonight.  The sound was perfect and the band stormed through the songs like Wile E. Coyote on rock-powered roller-skates.  The audience fed of the bands enthusiasm and were great despite the tropical temperature.

Nick had a few problems with his amp during 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' and 'The Way That I Live' but that wasn't going to stop anyone having a ball, I doubt most people would notice or care.

Toby pulled Patrick out for 'Too Much Too Young' - he had been head banging all night and was deserving of his two minutes on stage during which time he did very well.  

It truly was a great show, definitely the best of the tour.  I just hope the recording has managed to capture the atmosphere in the crowded room that night.

Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Refresh Yourself
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
All Roads Lead To You
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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