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Fibbers. York
14th March 2002

Support band: phluid

A great venue and a great gig.  Despite the cold and miserable weather outside, inside itís nearing 90 in the shade (sorry about that).

The band were on top form tonight and the gig went well, apart from the now usual guitar problems and exchanges.

Even the support band managed to crack a joke about the audience being too posh to mosh.  I spotted Tobe, Nick and Roger all watching at one point so I guess they approved.

Toby did quite well with his guitar strings today, I only spotted him break one tonight though somehow that was during 'Forgiveness', the only real ballad!

All Roads Lead To You
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Don't Prey For Me
Radical Your Lover
I Won't Be With You
Refresh Yourself
Too Much Too Young
Harder All The Time
The Way That I Live

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