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Henry's Cellar, Edinburgh
23rd March 2007
Support: Stillife

Kickin' Up Dust
All Roads Lead To You
Somebody Else
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Happy Ever After
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Inside Out
Shine It On
Young Gods
--- Encore ---
Radical Your Lover

I confess, like everyone else I was nervous about this gig.  An all new band and a mere four days of rehearsals.  And a whole new EP to promote which had been released the same day!

When I arrived at the venue the band were suitably quiet.  This quietness was destroyed the second the band took to the stage though - apparently they were the loudest band ever to play at the rehearsals studios and after tonight's' show I can fully believe it.  The familiar introductory song of 'Breakdown' (untopable as an opener IMO) sounded like it always did but with extra 'wallop!'.  That's the only word I have for it!  Quite simply - it rocked.

'Kickin' Up Dust' followed and, as with previous tours, Toby let the 90-strong crowd crammed into Henry's Cellar sing the end section which they did merrily; followed by the live debut of EP track #1 - 'Motivated'.

The EP is called 'Guitar, Bass and Drums'.  Which pretty much accurately sums up what we got - all turned up to 11!  With vocals of course.

In fact, the whole set rocked!  I was slightly surprised at the absence of 'Don't Pray For Me' whilst simultaneously pleasantly surprised at the lack of Angels songs.  Although 'Young Gods' always goes down an absolute storm.