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South Bay Beach, Scarborough
3rd August 2002

So, one week after the end of the July tour we are back in sunny Scarborough for the H2002 Beached festival.  The festival started at about midday but Toby and co were not due on-stage until about 9pm.  Luckily about 2pm the band came on for a short soundcheck were they played 'All Roads Lead To You' and 'Twisted Rhapsody'.  

The quality of the acts during the afternoon varied greatly - some were pretty good and some left a lot to be desired.  Still, it was a nice day so we sat on the beach and listened to most of the bands.

Just before 9pm Toby came on-stage to help with the raffle prizes including a guitar signed by everyone involved in the festival.  After this the band launched straight into 'Breakdown' and played a mini-set similar to the July tour concerts but a lot shorter :(

Nick seemed to enjoy the freedom the larger stage gave them and wandered around smiling at the crowd and the whole band seemed to enjoy the 35 minute set.  My only real complaint was the length of time they played (not their fault) but an hour would have been preferable.

In fact, Toby's set pulled in the largest crowd of the day - even headliners/NME stars The Libertines who followed Toby on-stage failed to play to as many people.  They also managed to play their set without their lead singer who had fallen out with the guitarist early on that morning.

Kickin' Up Dust
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Young Gods
Inside Out

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