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Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
10th December 2004

Weight Of The World (with new lyrics/middle 8 section)
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
I Ain't Gonna Cry
Don't Pray For Me
Young Gods ~ Won't Get Fooled Again


A short but good show with some nice surprises in the set (I've waited a long time to hear I Ain't Gonna Cry live!). 

The first four tracks were performed by Toby with an acoustic guitar and showed both how well Toby can sing and how good the songs are even without a full band.  Unwind was a particular highlight.

After the first four tracks Toby was then joined by a piano player for the remaining tracks which made a nice change.  I Ain't Gonna Cry sounded very good with the piano, although it was noticeably absent during Don't Pray For Me.

The closing Young Gods ~ Won't Get Fooled Again medley was great but where were the new tracks we had been promised?   

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