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Islington O2 Academy2, London
3rd December 2013

Big Bad World
Small Talk
Rear View Mirror
Raising My Own Hell **
Shadow Boxing **
Four Letter Word **
Don't Pray For Me **
I Ain't Gonna Cry **
Unfortunate Man
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
The Chosen One
This Ain't The Way It's Supposed To Be
Forbidden Fruit
Radical Your Lover
Way That I Live
Young Gods ~ Back Door Man
Kickin' Up Dust **
Too Much Too Young **

* Toby had a Question and Answer section between some songs in the main set where audience members could ask questions to him.
* Songs marked ** saw Toby joined on stage by Dave Kemp (from the Big Bad Horns) and Matt E.
* Mark Plunkett was also in attendance at the gig and noted that it was actually the first time he had ever heard Toby play apart from when he had been onstage with him.
* Inside Out (with Dave Kemp and Matt E) was setlisted to open the encore but cut for time
* The support act (whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten) sneakily snuck a snippet of "I Was Not Wrong" into one of their songs to great effect/response from the audience.