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Corporation, Sheffield
23rd September 2006

Happy Ever After
I Want Love
Some People Are More Equal Than Others
Inside Out
Kickin' Up Dust
Forbidden Fruit

--- Semi-Acoustic Set ---
Don't Prey For Me
Fools Gold

All Roads Lead To You
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Refresh Yourself
Young Gods

--- Encore ---
Radical Your Lover

What an ace gig; probably the best one methinks.  Great little venue in the heart of Sheffield which was pretty much packed full!

There was a cool bit of playing by Nick on both 'Unwind' and 'Refresh Yourself'; Toby didn't have a guitar for 'Refresh Yourself' so Nick had to cover for him and 'Unwind' had some very subtle licks towards the end that sounded great!  This lead to Tobe introducing Nick as "the best guitarist in the country right now" and I think he's probably right.

Awesoem awesoem show; the audience singing along to 'Don't Pray For Me' were amazing, along with the end of 'Kickin' Up Dust'.