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Fibbers, York (Warm-up gig)
19th January 2006

I have no idea why, but the Fibbers show was twice as good as the Scarborough show two days ago!  I guess it was a combination of first night nerves, rolling camera's and, erm, the sea air in Scarborough but watching the band in Fibbers was truly like they had never been away!

The set was a little shorter than Scarboroughs' but only Some People Are More Than Others dragged at all, the rest of the set was 100% rock.  Having said that, every single song was played with passion and intensity than will surely win the Thunder crowds over.

Watching the crowd, and speaking to fans afterwards its obvious that they are not looking at this as a nostalgia tour.  Granted the Little Angels tracks are very well received and it's great to hear them but it's possible that Inside Out got the biggest cheer last night.  Maybe if you exclude Don't Pray For Me anyway.  The result is that people are genuinely exciting about Toby's new music and want a new album, proper solo tour etc.

Again, the support band was Variants who also played a little better than Tuesdays show, their reasons I can not begin to guess.

Before Forbidden Fruit Toby described the new songs from Too Posh Too Mosh - Too Good To Last (i.e Forbidden Fruit, I Want Love and All Roads Lead To You) as the direction he was planning to go with the next Little Angels record, which now means his next solo record which is  a good sign.  For those of you who haven't heard the tracks played live yet - they have been 'rocked up' a bit from the album version and sound great.  At the soundcheck Toby played part of a song called Picking Up The Pieces which also sounded very good and I wish I could remember any of the lyrics!

There you go; I have a feeling that Thunder might have a support band to be nervous about!

Kickin' Up Dust
Forbidden Fruit
Don't Prey For Me
Young Gods
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young

---end of Thunder Support set here ---

Some People Are More Equal Than Others
All Roads Lead To You
Inside Out
I Want Love

--- Encore ---

The Way That I Live

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