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City Hall, Newcastle
20th January 2006

So this is the big one!  The opening night supporting Thunder.  Fibbers was a pretty good indication of what was going to happen really and the band definitely didn't disappoint.

I've never really seen Tobe play in front of a large crowd before (Beached 2002 doesn't count since it was so short and to my eternal shame/regret I never saw Little Angels live as I was too young) so this was a new experience for me.  And he didn't disappoint - the man is a natural frontman.  I was impressed by his ability to get people listening, dancing, clapping etc.  As their set continued more and more people were standing up and joining.  

The first real indication was during Don't Pray For Me, when Toby let the audience sing one of the 'Don't Pray For Me's' during the first chorus and the crowd sung well.  By Too Much Too Young most of City Hall was won over I think, though the venue was still filling up.  Granted they didn't steal Thunders, erm, thunder but they did very well, and it bodes well for the rest of the tour.

The band all played well, and the 'New' Big Bad Horns (Dave Kemp and Mike Lynskey) sounds great when they joined in on Forbidden Fruit, Young Gods, Radical Your Lover and Too Much Too Young.  

Kickin' Up Dust
Forbidden Fruit
Don't Prey For Me
Young Gods
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young