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City Hall, Sheffield
22nd January 2006

I love this venue.  I used to live in Sheffield so I'd been here many times before, but never to see Toby; who again didn't disappoint.

Tonight's sound was great, City Hall has amazing acoustics and the band sounded all the better for it.  In fact, they played noticeably better than Newcastle, despite Nick's slight blunder at the start of Too Much Too Young.  There was even some free-form extended jamming during a couple of songs; the middle 8 of Boneyard being extended as well as the mid-section of Radical Your Lover.

The audience response was not great - the first few rows seemed to enjoy the show but further back people were reluctant to stand, although whenever Toby let them sing (the end of Kickin' Up Dust, a line of the chorus of Don't Pray For Me etc) were sung well.

Unwind sadly got dropped in favour of All Roads Lead To You, great song that it is.

Kickin' Up Dust
Forbidden Fruit
Don't Prey For Me
All Roads Lead To You
Young Gods
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young