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Academy 1, Manchester
3rd February 2006

After a two week break it was great to see the band again, and I was amazed by how good they sounded, and how much tighter they played as a unit.

When I got to Manchester I went to my hotel to find all the guests stood outside as the fire alarm.  I found Nick, who looked a little sheepish.  The first thing he said was "I think it was me who set the fire alarm off".  He'd been smoking in his non-smoking room and was expecting a bollocking any moment.  The rest of the band returned from their shopping trip in Manchester and we all had a good laugh as Nick sweated for ten minutes or so before we found out someone had deliberated smashed the fire alarm box on one floor.

At the soundcheck Toby again played a bit of Picking Up The Pieces which I really hope makes an EP/Album/Something one day.

As for the show itself - one word; AMAZING.  The band were awesome and the crowd were just as good.  Road Star did a great opening set but Toby and the boys blew them off the stage.  

Definite highlight was Don't Pray For Me.  I was reminded just what an amazing song it was during the gig - a genuine 'goosebumps' moment hearing Toby play the first verse/chorus acoustically and the audience joining in, and knowing every word.

Radical Your Lover featured some great improv from Nick, especially during the middle 8 and during Too Much Too Young the whole crowd were singing along to every word - ending with Toby holding the mic out to the audience to sing the final TOO MUCH. TOO YOUNG.

Simply an amazing show.  I don't have any other words to describe it.

Kickin' Up Dust
I Want Love
Don't Prey For Me
All Roads Lead To You
Young Gods
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young

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