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Hammersmith Apollo, London
4th February 2006

After last nights' show in Manchester the band had a hell of a task in they wanted to do better tonight.  But then, this is the famous Hammersmith Apollo (formerly Hammersmith Odeon).  It was great to see the stage door/area where the Angels were interviews on the Jam On Film video, and to run round the rabbit warren that is the backstage area.

Because I'd mentioned it earlier in the day, Toby played a little of The Pain Will Pass during soundcheck which good to hear - like Picking Up The Pieces I'd love to see it on a future album/EP.  But then I just like songs with alliteration in the titles!

Toby and Road Star's singer, Mick, also had a quick rehearsal with Thunder.  As it was the last night of the tour Thunder invited the two singers to join them for a song in the encores of their set.

Road Star again played very well, though sadly the Apollo was still filling up during their set.  But by the time Toby and the band hit the stage the place was packed and rocking.  Again the crowd knew the Angels material very well; singing the end of Kickin' Up Dust, chorus' on Boneyard and Don't Pray For Me etc.  Band feeds the crowd, crowd feeds the band - again it was another great show and it was obvious that the band were having a great time.

But it was all over so quickly, both the set and the tour :(  At the end I'd have to say that Manchester was the best show for me. Though Sheffield and London were both very good I don't think anything will ever top hearing Don't Pray For Me in Manchester.

We did get to hear Toby sing "one more time" though.  Thunder played Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright and brought various members of Toby's band and Road Star to join them.  Toby sang whilst Matt danced up and down with a tambourine and Rog filmed everything on stage.  

Kickin' Up Dust
I Want Love
Don't Prey For Me
All Roads Lead To You
Young Gods
Radical Your Lover
Too Much Too Young