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Date Venue Info
27th February 2002 Mofo's, Scarborough (PA inc. Signings)
8th March 2002 Murray's Bar, Scarborough (Warm-up gig) Setlist/Review
9th March 2002 Andy's Records, Scarborough (In Store Signing)
9th March 2002 Students Union, Newcastle Setlist/Review
11th March 2002 Rocket, Leeds Setlist/Review
12th March 2002 Cathouse, Glasgow Setlist
14th March 2002 Fibbers, York Setlist/Review
15th March 2002 Hop And Grape, Manchester Setlist/Review
18th March 2002 Arts Centre, Norwich Setlist
19th March 2002 Road Menders,  Northampton Setlist/Photos
20th March 2002 Cavern, Exeter Setlist
22nd March 2002 JB's, Dudley Setlist/Photos
23rd March 2002 Barfly, Cardiff Setlist
24th March 2002 Fleece And Firkin, Bristol Setlist
26th March 2002 Wedge Wood Rooms, Portsmouth Setlist
27th March 2002 Forum, Tunbridge Wells Setlist/Photos
28th March 2002 Garage, London Setlist/Photos
30th March 2002 Rock City, Nottingham Setlist/Review
31st March 2002 The Lomax, Liverpool (Re-scheduled from 16th March 2002) Setlist/Review
7th July 2002 Joseph's Well, Leeds Setlist
17th July 2002 Murray's Bar, Scarborough (Warm-up show) Setlist/Review
18th July 2002 Pennington's 2, Bradford Setlist/Review
19th July 2002 JB's, Dudley Setlist/Review
21st July 2002 Metropolis Lounge, Peterborough  Setlist/Review
22nd July 2002 Fleece And Firkin, Bristol Setlist/Review
23rd July 2002 Witchwood, Ashton-Under-Lyne  Setlist/Review
25th July 2002 Camden Underworld, London  Setlist/Review
26th July 2002 Zodiac, Oxford Setlist/Review
27th July 2002 Rock City, Nottingham Setlist/Review
3rd August 2002 South Bay Beach, Scarborough Setlist
10th December 2004 Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough Setlist/Review
11th December 2004 Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough Setlist/Review
17th January 2006 Vivaz, Scarborough (Warm-up show) Setlist/Review
19th January 2006 Fibbers, York (Warm-up show) Setlist/Review
20th January 2006 City Hall, Newcastle Setlist/Review
21st January 2006 Academy, Glasgow Setlist
22nd January 2006 City Hall, Sheffield Setlist/Review
24th January 2006 BIC (Solent Hall), Bournemouth Setlist/Photos
25th January 2006 St. David's Hall, Cardiff Setlist
27th January 2006 Dome, Brighton Setlist
28th January 2006 Corn Exchange, Cambridge Setlist
29th January 2006 Colston Hall, Bristol Setlist
31st January 2006 Academy, Birmingham Setlist
1st February 2006 UEA, Norwich Info
3rd February 2006 Academy, Manchester Setlist
4th February 2006 Hammersmith Apollo, London Setlist
4th March 2006 Amersham Arms, New Cross, London Setlist
5th March 2006 UEA, Norwich Setlist
16th September 2006 Fibbers, York Setlist/Photos
17th September 2006 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow   Setlist
19th September 2006 Trillians, Newcastle Setlist
20th September 2006 The Point, Cardiff Setlist
22nd September 2006 The Pitz, Milton Keynes Setlist
23rd September 2006 Corporation, Sheffield Setlist
24th September 2006  Z Rock, JB's, Dudley Setlist/Video
23rd March 2007 Henry's Cellar, Edinburgh Setlist
24th March 2007 The Hotel California Setlist
25th March 2007 Shepherds Bush Empire, London
Supporting Glenn Hughes
28th March 2007 The Fleece, Bristol Setlist
29th March 2007 The Diamond, Mansfield


30th March 2007 The Springhead, Hull Setlist
1st April 2007 The Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough Setlist
2nd April 2007 The Zodiac, Oxford Setlist
4th April 2007 Trillians, Newcastle Setlist
5th April 2007 Vivas, Scarborough Setlist
7th April 2007 The Tackeroo, Cannuck Setlist
6th June 2007 Islington Academy, London Guest singer for Fastway
9th June 2007 Sweden Rocks, Sweden Guest singer for Fastway
10th June 2007 Download Festival, Donnington Guest singer for Fastway
16th June 2007 Fields Of Rock, Holland Guest singer for Fastway
22nd June 2007 Grass Pop, Belgium Guest singer for Fastway
28th June 2007 Dirty South, London Setlist
30th June 2007 Chepstow Castle
With Thunder and Rattlesnake Remedy
13th September 2007 Hotel California, Birkenhead Setlist/Photos
14th September 2007 The Pitz, Milton Keynes Setlist/Photos
15th September 2007 Fibbers, York Setlist/Photos
16th September 2007 The Point, Cardiff Setlist/Photos
20th September 2007 Robin2, Bilston Setlist/Photos
21st September 2007 Corporation, Sheffield Setlist/Photos
22nd September 2007 Rio's, Leeds Setlist/Photos
23rd September 2007 Moses Gate, Bolton Setlist/Photos
25th September 2007 Bootleggers, Kendal Setlist/Photos
26th September 2007 The Yard, Rosyth Setlist/Photos
28th September 2007 King Tuts, Glasgow Setlist/Photos
29th September 2007 Doghouse, Dundee Setlist/Photos
30th September 2007 Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Setlist/Video/Photos
4th October 2007 The Diamond, Mansfield Setlist/Photos
5th October 2007 The Springhead, Hull Setlist
7th October 2007 The Brook, Southampton Setlist
10th October 2007 Islington Academy, London Setlist
31st October 2007 University Of Hull, Scarborough Setlist/Info
10th January 2008 The Garage, Glasgow Acoustic Set/Guest Singer for Gun
5th May 2008 The Cathedral, Manchester Singer for Gun
11th July 2008 Rockers, Glasgow Singer for Gun
12th July 2008 T In The Park Singer for Gun
24th August 2008 Nordoff Robbins charity gig, Glasgow Singer for Gun
14th September 2008 Acoustic Gathering 3, Scarborough Solo Acoustic Set
18th September 2008 Secret Charity gig, Glasgow Singer for Gun
30th October 2008 The Garage, Glasgow Singer for Gun
10th December 2008 The Cathouse, Glasgow Toby and Jools Acoustic set
Supporting Lauren Harris
15th December 2008 Vivaz, Scarborough Singer for Gun
16th December 2008 The Tackaroo, Cannock Singer for Gun
18th December 2008 Shepherds Bush Empire, London Singer for Gun
20th December 2008 Carling Academy, Glasgow Singer for Gun
28th May 2009 Ironworks, Inverness Singer for Gun
29th May 2009 Moshulu, Aberdeen Singer for Gun
30th May 2009 Studio 24, Edinburgh Singer for Gun
20th June 2009 The Duchess, York Singer for Gun
21st June 2009 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton Singer for Gun
11th July 2009 Derrame Rock Festival, Asturias, Spain Singer for Gun
5th September 2009 Two Days A Week Festival, Wiesen, Austria Singer for Gun
12th September 2009 Rock-It@Queens Hotel, Bridlington Solo Acoustic Set
2nd October 2009 Club Pacific Rock, Paris, France Singer for Gun
3rd October 2009 Club Pacific Rock, Paris, France Singer for Gun
4th October 2009 Club Pacific Rock, Paris, France Singer for Gun
20th October 2009 Durango Club, Valencia, Spain Singer for Gun
22nd October 2009 La Sala Live, Madrid, Spain Singer for Gun
23rd October 2009 Albeniz, Gijon, Spain Singer for Gun
24th October 2009 Santana 27, Bilbao, Spain Singer for Gun
25th October 2009 Salamander 2, Barcelona, Spain Singer for Gun
4th November 2009 Portugal Singer for Gun
8th November 2009 Limelight, Belfast, Ireland Singer for Gun
12th November 2009 O2 Academy, Newcastle Singer for Gun
13th November 2009 Academy 3, Manchester Singer for Gun
14th November 2009 Rock City, Nottingham Singer for Gun
15th November 2009 Corporation, Sheffield Singer for Gun
17th November 2009 Rio's, Leeds Singer for Gun
18th November 2009 Assembly, Leamington Spa Singer for Gun
19th November 2009 Junction, Cambridge Singer for Gun
21st November 2009 Guildhall, Gloucester Singer for Gun
22nd November 2009 Central Station, Wrexham Singer for Gun
23rd November 2009 O2 Academy 2, Bristol Singer for Gun
24th November 2009 Brook, Southampton Singer for Gun
26th November 2009 Islington O2 Academy, London Singer for Gun
27th November 2009 Pitz Club, Milton Keynes Singer for Gun
28th November 2009 Concorde 2, Brighton Singer for Gun
29th November 2009 Sin City, Swansea Singer for Gun
1st December 2009 Brickyard, Carlisle Singer for Gun
2nd December 2009 ABC1, Glasgow Singer for Gun
4th December 2009 Hard Rock Hell, Pointins, Prestatyn, North Wales Singer for Gun
6th December 2009 Assembly, Leamington Spa Supporting Skin
7th December 2009 Islington O2 Academy, London Supporting Skin
8th December 2009 Waterfront, Norwich Supporting Skin
10th December 2009 Thekla, Bristol Supporting Skin
11th December 2009 Club Academy, Manchester Supporting Skin
12th December 2009 Rock City, Nottingham Supporting Skin
13th February 2010 Diamond Rock Club, Bellymena, Ireland Solo Show
3rd March 2010 Bar Bliss, Glasgow Singer for Gun
4th March 2010 LG Arena, Birmingham Gun supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd
5th March 2010 CIA, Cardiff Gun supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd
6th March 2010 Apollo, London Gun supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd
8th March 2010 Apollo, Manchester Gun supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd
9th March 2010 Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow Gun supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd
11th March 2010 The Warehouse, Aderdeen Singer for Gun
12th March 2010 Buccleuch Centre, Langholm Singer for Gun
13th March 2010 Studio 24, Edinburgh Singer for Gun
15th March 2010 Bootleggers, Kendal Singer for Gun
16th March 2010 Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby Singer for Gun
17th March 2010 Fusion, Orkney Singer for Gun
19th March 2010 The Duchess, York Singer for Gun
20th March 2010 Asylum, Birmingham Singer for Gun
28th March 2010 Norscot Angling Club, Lerwick, Shetlands Singer for Gun
25th April 2010 The Victoria Hotel, Scarborough Solo Show
26th November 2010 Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill, Ireland Solo Acoustic Show
27th November 2010 Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill, Ireland Solo Acoustic Show
7th December 2010 Bootleggers Bar, Kendal Solo Acoustic Show
8th December 2010 Cathouse, Glasgow Supporting Skin
9th December 2010 02 Academy2, Newcastle Supporting Skin
10th December 2010 Academy, Manchester Supporting Skin
11th December 2010 Waterfront, Norwich Supporting Skin
12th December 2010  Thekla, Bristol Supporting Skin
14th December 2010 The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth Supporting Skin
15th December 2010 Underworld, London Supporting Skin
16th December 2010 Academy, Birmingham Supporting Skin
17th December 2010 Academy, Oxford Supporting Skin
18th December 2010 Rock City, Nottingham Supporting Skin
8th June 2011 A2 Club, Moscow, Russia Singer for Dio Disciples
9th June 2011 Kosmonayt, St. Petersburg, Russia Singer for Dio Disciples
10th June 2011 Sauna Open Air Festival, Tampere, Finland Singer for Dio Disciples
11th June 2011 Download Festival, Donnington Singer for Dio Disciples
12th June 2011 Academy2, Newcastle Singer for Dio Disciples
14th June 2011 Garage, Glasgow Singer for Dio Disciples
15th June 2011 Sleigh Rooms, Wolverhampton Singer for Dio Disciples
16th June 2011 Club Academy, Manchester Singer for Dio Disciples
17th June 2011 Islington Academy, London Singer for Dio Disciples
19th June 2011 De Pul, Uden, Netherlands Singer for Dio Disciples
20th June 2011 Aschafensburg, Germany - Colos Saal Singer for Dio Disciples
21st June 2011 Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle Singer for Dio Disciples
22nd June 2011 Berlin, Germany - C Club Singer for Dio Disciples
24th June 2011 Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting Singer for Dio Disciples
25th June 2011 Bochum, Germany - Matrix Singer for Dio Disciples
27th June 2011 Vienna, Austria - Szene Wien Singer for Dio Disciples
28th June 2011 Lucerne, Switzerland - Konzerthaus Schuur Singer for Dio Disciples
29th June 2011 Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy Singer for Dio Disciples
1st July 2011 Rock Star Live, Bilbao, Spain Singer for Dio Disciples
2nd July 2011 Sala Heiniken, Madrid, Spain Singer for Dio Disciples
3rd July 2011 Bikini, Barcelona, Spain Singer for Dio Disciples
22nd September 2011 Poughkeepsie, NY, The Chance Singer for Dio Disciples
23rd September 2011  Asbury Park, NJ, Stone Pony Singer for Dio Disciples
26th September 2011  Buffalo, NY, Town Ballroom Singer for Dio Disciples
27th September 2011  Pittsburgh, PA, Altar Bar Singer for Dio Disciples
28th September 2011  Cleveland, OH, House of Blues Singer for Dio Disciples
29th September 2011 Chicago, IL, House of Blues Singer for Dio Disciples
30th September 2011 Medina, MN, Medina Entertainment Centre Singer for Dio Disciples
2nd October 2011 Tap House, Akron, Ohio, USA **Secret Show** Singer for Dio Disciples
6th October 2011 Baton Rouge, LA Varsity Theatre Singer for Dio Disciples
6th October 2011 Baton Rouge, LA Varsity Theatre Singer for Dio Disciples
7th October 2011 Houston, TX, Scout Bar Singer for Dio Disciples
8th October 2011 San Antonio, TX, Sunken Gardens Singer for Dio Disciples
9th October 2011  Dallas, TX, Trees Singer for Dio Disciples
27th October 2011 Corporation, Sheffield Solo Acoustic Show
12th November 2011 The Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena Solo Acoustic Show
7th December 2011 Bootleggers Bar, Kendal Solo Acoustic Show
10th December 2011 Fibbers, York Solo Acoustic Show
4th June 2012 O2 Academy, Oxford With Little Angels
5th June 2012 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth With Little Angels
7th June 2012 Sweden Rocks Festival With Little Angels
8th June 2012 Download Festival, Donnington With Little Angels
7th July 2012 Festival, Istanbul, Turkey With Dio Disciples
14th July 2012 Kavarna Rock Festival, Kavarna, Bulgaria With Dio Disciples
4th August 2012 Kavarna Rock Festival, Kavarna, Bulgaria With Dio Disciples
5th August 2012 Lokerse Festival, Lokeren, Belgium With Dio Disciples
6th August 2012 Islington Academy, London With Dio Disciples
9th August 2012 Cathouse, Glasgow With Dio Disciples
10th August 2012 Bloodstock Festival, Walton on Trent, England With Dio Disciples
6th December 2012 Rock City, Nottingham With Little Angels
7th December 2012 Wolfrun Centre, Wolverhampton With Little Angels
8th December 2012 ABC, Glasgow With Little Angels
9th December 2012 Limelight, Belfast With Little Angels
11th December 2012 O2 Academy, Leeds With Little Angels
12th December 2012 O2 Academy, Newcastle With Little Angels
13th December 2012 HMV Ritz, Manchester With Little Angels
15th December 2012 O2 Academy, Bristol With Little Angels
16th December 2012 Shepherds Bush Empire, London With Little Angels
27th January 2013 Fibbers, York Solo Acoustic Show
21st February 2013 Islington Academy, London Supporting The Union
13th June 2013 Solus, Cardiff With Little Angels
15th June 2013 The Junction, Cambridge With Little Angels
16th June 2013 Isle Of Wight Festival 2013 With Little Angels
28th July 2013 The River Rooms, Stourbridge Supporting FM
7th September 2013 Acoustic Gathering, Scarborough Solo Acoustic Set
27th November 2013 Thelka, Bristol Solo Acoustic Set
30th November 2013 Brass Monkey, Hastings Solo Acoustic Set
1st December 2013 O2 Acedemy2, Birmingham Solo Acoustic Set
3rd December 2013 O2 Acedemy2, Islington, London Solo Acoustic Set
4th December 2013 O2 Acedemy2, Sheffield Solo Acoustic Set
6th December 2013 Tivoli, Buckley Solo Acoustic Set
7th December 2013 The Box, Crewe Supporting FM
9th December 2013 Fruit, Hull Solo Acoustic Set
11th December 2013 Rock City, Nottingham Solo Acoustic Set
13th December 2013 Fibbers, York Solo Acoustic Set
14th December 2013 Bootleggers Bar, Kendal Solo Acoustic Set
15th December 2013 Stereo , Glasgow Solo Acoustic Set
11th January 2014 Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena, Ireland Solo Acoustic Set
29th January 2014 The Cape Of Good Hope, London Solo Acoustic Set
12th June 2014 Islington Academy, London Supporting Tesla
14th June 2014 Download Festival, Donnington Solo Acoustic Set
4th July 2014 The Horn, St Albans Solo Acoustic Set
6th July 2014 Hop Farm Festival Solo Acoustic Set
8th August 2014 Warehouse23, Wakefield Supporting FM
9th August 2014 Gig In The Garden Solo Acoustic Set
31st January 2015 Diamond Rock, Ballymena, Ireland Solo Acoustic Set
26th July 2017 The Louisianna, Bristol Wayward Sons
28th July 2017 Rock n Blues Wayward Sons
29th July 2017 Ramblin' Man Wayward Sons
30th July 2017 Steelhouse Festival Wayward Sons
14th September 2017 Dorking Halls, Dorking Wayward Sons
15th September 2017 Picturedrome, Holmfirth Wayward Sons
16th September 2017 Roadmender, Northampton Wayward Sons
30th September 2017 Municipal Arts Centre, Pontypridd Wayward Sons
1st October 2017 The Brook, Southampton Wayward Sons
7th Ocotber 2017 The Robin2, Bilston Wayward Sons
8th October 2017 O2 Academy, Newcastle Wayward Sons
10th October 2017 Classic Grand, Glasgow Wayward Sons
11th October 2017 Fibbers, York Wayward Sons